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Formed in 2021 in Austria by Victoria Gruber and her brother David, Spaceflight Memories is a musical duo that emerged after a years-long musical journey.
Growing up in a musical environment, both of them bring a lot of musical experience and knowledge to their project.
With SFM, the duo has found a way to express themselves through writing original music.
Both are heavily influenced by various genres, so it is clear that they have no production boundaries and are pushing genres to new dimensions.
As Victoria is a classically trained pianist, the piano plays an important role in their music. Combined with other acoustic elements and electronic sounds, it shapes their first two singles "Second" and "Sunlight".

The next step for them was to further shape and develop their own sound, which they underlined with the release of "Unfold" in March 2022.

In October 2022 they dropped the single "Faint Blue Dot". This single is a continuation of their musical journey into ambient music. They have expanded the ambient genre for themselves with new elements and their own meanings in order to bring as many feelings and emotions as possible into this song.

Following "Faint Blue Dot", their subsequent release, "Touch The Sky", emerged in April 2023. While retaining the ambient vibes that characterized their earlier work, this single delved even deeper into harmonic richness, adding a new dimension to their evolving sound.

Throughout 2023, they devoted a substantial amount of time to composing music specifically tailored for the YouTube channel "CSI Starbase". This endeavor allowed them to channel their creative energies into crafting music that enhanced the channel's content, demonstrating their commitment to creating captivating auditory experiences for the audience.

In April 2024, Spaceflight Memories released "MMXXIII", an orchestral track with a vast soundscape, demonstrating their ability to cross genres and captivate audiences with their unique blend of acoustic, orchestral and huge atmospheric sounds.


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A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence.

- Leopold Stokowski


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